Last Stop – Dushanbe

Despite some last minute complications resulting in a slightly smaller line-up and a last minute venue change, the Central Asian Academy of Contemporary Music’s Tour ended in Dushanbe with another fantastic concert featuring new and traditional music from the region and a workshop for young Tajik musicians.

During workshops at the American Corner in Dushanbe, Omnibus musicians and Kenny Savelson introducted local musicians to contemporary music and gave them the opportunity to perform an improvised live accompaniment to a film by Christian Marclay.

Thanks to the determination of our Tajik and Uzbek colleagues, we were able to find a new venue for the Dushanbe concert in less than 12 hours.  We are very grateful to the Institute of Art for hosting Playing Together’s final concert on November 19.

Although the tour concluded on November 20 and the thirty musicians returned to their home countries, this is only the end of the first phase of the Playing Together project.  These young musicians are determined to not only use and develop the skills they learned during the project, but to continue their collaboration and friendships between musicians from four Central Asian countries, the United States, and India.  Stay tuned for Playing Together updates this spring.


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